Day 9 – Hanoi πŸ‡»πŸ‡³

It’s a bit chilly in Hanoi today… massive shock from the heat of Laos.

We had a really comfortable night in our hotel, which is a little retreat from the crazy streets below. We can’t believe how busy and noisy this city is, constant bikes and honks on horns. Crossing the road is act of faith in other people, hoping that they will see you, as you just have to go for it. The pavements aren’t really for walking on, as shops and bars and all sorts spill out onto the street.

Today we went to the Army History Museum, which Ryan particularly enjoyed with tank, planes and lots of war exhibits. After this we walked around the Citadel area which is pretty formal with official military and political buildings. There are armed and uniformed police/guardsman everywhere here.

We found Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum,Β which is an impressive memorial to the former leader. You can normally go inside the building which houses Ho’s embalmed body, however we found out he was in Russia for maintenance. So we went for a stroll around the botanical garden instead, which was full of locals doing all sorts of exercises like open air aerobics and some sort sort of shuttle cock game.

After all of the rice and noodles lately we were really craving some comfort food, so we made our way through the busy streets to a place called 4Ps and really fancy pizza place. Where we ate the best pizza and desserts we have eaten in a long time. We ended the night by walking aroundΒ HoΓ n KiαΊΏm Lake which had a really nice atmosphere, with the lakeside buildings and temples being lit up and reflecting off the water.