Day 8 – Kandy 🇱🇰

Not sure about the popular (and touristy) ‘Temple of the Tooth’, we decided to try another popular attraction, the Royal Botanical gardens. Irene our host recommended that ‘because we were youngsters’ we should get the local bus to the gardens rather than a taxi. So after a local breakfast of pancakes and egg hoppers, we bravely set out to catch our two buses. Luckily a kind local man helps us locate the bus station and instructs us which one to hop on.

The journey takes around 35 minutes outside of Kandy’s busy centre. Neither of us were keen on Kandy itself, being honest, it was noisy, polluted, busy and smelly, so the Botanical Gardens was a much welcomed escape from this.

We spent most of the day wandering around the different plants, including giant bamboo (ryan’s favourite) and also discovered the park’s fruit bat colony, or flying foxes as they are also known. Thousands hung from the trees, look closely at the photos and you’ll see them.

Back at the homestay, we’re keen to catch the sunset fly past we saw for the first time last night. We head up to the roof terrace to get a better look as thousands of fruit bats fly down the river. The calls for evening prayer sound out in the distance as the bats eerily fly towards it. We think these may be the same bats we saw at the botanical gardens making their way out for an evening of feeding.

Tonight dinner is cooked by Irene our host, she serves something called Devilled Chicken, made with hottest green chillis, along with a bean curry, potato curry and rice. We share this with our fellow guests an austrian couple and chat about our experiences and plans in Sri Lanka.