Day 7 – Sigiriya to Kandy 🇱🇰

After breakfast we say our goodbyes and thanks to Sanjay for hosting us, and he gives us some small Sri Lanka souvenir gifts. We’re picked up at 9am by a taxi to take us onward to Kandy.

The journey takes around 2hours 45 during about half way through our driver stops at a Spice Garden, this was a little awkward as we knew we wouldn’t buy anything so we take the 20 minute tour of the plants and awkwardly fain an interest giving the salesman a tip of 500lkr as we leave. We later find out that drivers get commission from Spice Gardens if tourists buy over prices cosmetics and remedies. Luckily we weren’t stupid enough.

We arrive at our next Airbnb which is called Riverview, it’s quite a way out of the city of Kandy, so we’re a little apprehensive that our driver will find it, and how we’ll get on getting in and out of the city. We check in and a friendly woman called Irene meets us, the sister of the owner, who is apparently a Sri Lanka Table Tennis legend. Our room is nice with high ceilings and large floor to ceiling windows over looking the river.


After checking in we made our way by local bus to the centre of Kandy, our host Irene advised we go to the train station to see if we can buy tickets for our onward journey to Ella. Little did we know we should have booked tickets months ago if we wanted seats, so the only option is an unreserved second class ticket and no guaranteed seat for a 7 hour journety .

We really weren’t keen on what we found when we arrived in Kandy. So quickly found the railway station (no seated tickets!) had some lunch, took out some money from the bank and made our way back to the homestay by tuk tuk.  Irene is cooking dinner for us tonight.

As we sit on our balcony the sun starts to set, the view from here is wonderful of the river. Lots of birds started to fly past, when Ryan realised they were actually bats, thousands of fruit bats, they just kept coming and coming.

Probably the highlight of our time in Kandy.