Day 7 – Luang Prabang 🇱🇦

Today we decided to visit Tad Sae Waterfalls which is around 10km outside of Luang Prabang. The weather was a bit rainy but still very warm.

Tad Sae is one of the less visited waterfalls with most tourists choosing to visit KuongSi falls instead. But we heard that Tad Sae was just as beautiful, quieter and better for swimming as it is mostly visited by locals.

Rather than opt for an expensive organised tour we decided to go it alone. Hiring a tuk tuk to take us there for 180,000 kip (£17) he drove us to a river side point where we caught a traditional long boat up river for 10,000kip (95p) to the falls.

The waterfalls were so beautiful, cascades of turquoise water through the forest. And also elephants! We were lucky to see one going for a dip in the pool, they looked quite well cared for.

We had a walk around the water and then took a dip.. it was nice and cooling, with the rain on our faces we felt like we were at a spa. A great morning spent in a little corner of paradise.

Our driver waited for us on the banks of the river before returning us safe and sound to our hotel.

On the afternoon as usual we planned to take it easy with a nice bit of lunch and some drinks…but somehow we ended up walking to the top of a steep hill overlooking the city with a temple at the summit. We also explored the other side of town, on the way we stopped at a photographic exhibition on Buddhist meditation.

At sunset we visited a popular bar called Utopia which sits high looking out to the river. Lots of mosquitos here! Then strolled back into town for dinner at a Laos cooking school. Where we both tried some traditional food including a local Luang Prabang sausage.

We enjoyed the pretty town into the evening picking up a traditional weaved throw from the night market as a reminder of our trip.