Day 4 – Vang Vieng 🇱🇦

Slept much better last night, think we are getting over our jet lag now and feeling more adjusted to the heat.

Breakfast was a lao style omelet which was tasty. We decided to hire mountain bikes today which cost around £3 for the whole day. We cycled the road over 5km to the Blue Lagoon. The cycle was hot! but we got to see some absolutely stunning scenery, the mountains in this area are just out of this world, no photo can do it justice. We saw people picking rice in the fields… and many Lao cows…

We arrived at the lagoon at around midday. Here we climbed lots of uneven rocks up to the caves behind the lagoon. It was a sweaty, uphill struggle, but we made it and explored inside. No health and safety here, no hard hats, or hand rails, you are just left to get in and out using your own common sense and balance. Again the photos won’t really show the scale and depth of the caves, they were beautiful if a little scary. We passed one huge hole with a sign of a skull and cross bones next to it… we didn’t go down there!

After exploring the caves with only Ryan’s phone light to guide us, we made the descent back down to the lagoon. Here we had our first well deserved ice cream of the trip. Next we took a dip in the turquoise waters of the lagoon, which was refreshing.

We cycled back to our bungalow for a shower and then headed back out into Vang Vieng town. Here we walked along the river and crossed a rickety bamboo bridge into the centre. The town is really aimed at tourists with lots of bars and restaurants, we had a little walk around and then stopped for our first Beer Lao of the day on a river side bar. After relaxing and watching the sunset we walked back home for dinner in the dark across the rice fields and were greeted with more Lao Lao whiskey (today Ant egg Lao Lao, so far we have had Scorpion, Centipede and Snake!)