Day 4 – Colombo to Sigiriya πŸ‡±πŸ‡°

Heading to our second destination Sygiria was the aim for today, and we had booked a driver to take us for the roughly 4 1/2 hour trip… although factoring in Cololmbo traffic and food & toilet stops it was closer to 6 hours.

After the hectic & dirty environment of Colombo, it was a (literal) breath of fresh air to slowly see our surroundings change from city to open fields, jungle and dramatic mountains.

We eventually reached our homestay and were warmly met by our hosts, Mali & Sanjay. The little plot of land was full of character and wild-life, and after we stopped franticly looking for bugs of the biting or stinging variety, we relaxed into our new home.

The night quickly chasing dusk, and after advice to not walk on the road at night due to wild elephants, we decided to have dinner at the homestay. We were invited to join another group of 4 English people for a cooking class outside.

After being schooled on authentic Sri Lankan cuisine by Mali we got to feast, again quite literally, on our creation, and a selection of other local dishes. After 6 of us eating for about 45mins, it didn’t look like we’d even started…

Following the meal we chatted with our fellow guests, and then eventually settled down for our first night surrounded by the interesting sounds of the jungle.