Day 33 – Siem Reap πŸ‡°πŸ‡­

After buying a three day pass for the Angkor complex, we returned today to explore more of the temples. Our trusty tuk tuk picked us up as promised and for $15 drove us around for the day.

We spent the day exploring at our own pace, each temple unique we were continuously stunned by the intricate details in each of the temples.

Preah Khan – This temple was covered in overgrown trees, the roots broke through the stones and wrapped themselves around the temple. These temples were less busy than the three main areas visited by tourists, it was peaceful and you could hear the trees alive with birds and monkeys.

Neak Pean – was especially beautiful, the smallest of the temples we explored, to reach Neak Pean we had to walk across a narrow path on the largeΒ Preah Khan baray.

We then went on to explore Ta Som and East Mebon

Finally resting at Phnom Bakheng -to watch the sunset.

This evening we were pretty worn out from the heat of a full day at the temples, so took a stroll back into town and treated ourselves to an italian meal, just off Pub Street.