Day 3 – Colombo 🇱🇰

Our second day in Colombo began with a morning of work on our laptops.

For lunch we tried out a French Style Bakery, and then took a tuk-tuk to Galle Face Green, which is apparently one of Columbo’s top attractions. We didn’t really understand why, but it was at least some open space by the sea.

We walked along to the end of Galle Face Green into the Fort area, which is undergoing mass construction, funded by China. They are essentially building a whole new part to the city, guarded by armed police the area wasn’t too welcoming. (Look up Port City Colombo for more)

Next we tried to explore the Markets of Pettah, but after walking a long way we couldn’t find it so gave up and got a tuk tuk home. We did however enjoy seeing the locals running for their commuter trains and the hustle and bustle of the city at rush hour.


After a bit of a disappointing day we decided to have a bit of a western comfort for dinner (knowing we were going to be easting authentically for the next few weeks), so we headed to Giovanni’s for some pizza! We followed this with ice cream, created by pouring a mixture on a freezing cold plate, and then rolling it in to tubes, and then a wander around the Victoria Park area, lit with many Christmas lights.

We’re finding it slightly strange that Sri Lanka doesn’t have much of a night life or an eating out culture, but hopefully we’ll find out it’s because they’re all such good cooks at home!