Day 25 – Sinharaja rainforest 🇱🇰

Our final full day at Nestwood.

Started with an early breakfast of our usual fruit smoothie and plate of fruit, followed by Toast, Potato & Egg Omellete and Lavariyas which are sweet dumplings made with rice noodles filled with sugared coconut and cardamon.

Nadintha has offered to take us for a guided walk today, to teach us about the many ingredients they grow locally around the bungalow. Accompanied by his colleague and misty the dog, we set off.

First we make our way down the hill and through the tea plantations, the bushes are tightly packed together so you really have to force your body through them, this shows how the tea pickers job is even more difficult than it looks. He guides us down to a fresh water pool and rocky cave area, and we climb through it seeing fish, disturbing bats and a tiny little frog. He points out various plants including pepper corns and cinnamon plants.

Then we continue back up the hill we walked on our first day. Nadintha shows us a curry plant, cloves, pineapples, rose apples (which we try), papaya trees, mango trees, bananas cashew trees, king coconuts, date palms, coffee beans, so many plants that are just growing alongside the path. We continue up and he spots a green lizard in the tea bushes, almost completely camouflaged, the cheeky thing has a wee and then a poo whilst Ryan photographs it. We walk up to the same rocks we found on our first day, and enjoy a rest there and chat to Nadintha about life in Sri Lanka, we also hear in the distance the Nightrider theme, which is apparently the ice cream man!

We spent a peaceful afternoon relaxing by the pool, watching the skies change and the birds visiting the water. Dinner tonight again was a delicious three course feast, one thing’s for sure we’re going to miss Nadintha!