Day 24 – Sinharaja rainforest 🇱🇰

Wanting to avoid the mid-day heat we walked in yesterday, we woke up a little earlier and went for a walk before breakfast. We decided to turn left out of Nestwood and walk back the route we were driven in the day we arrived.

Walking down small dirt roads we treaded our footsteps as the sun broke through the morning mist.

Passing many homesteads, we got a small glimpse of life for many Sri Lankans. Children waved and shout BYE at us as we passed, and and tea pickers raised their heads from the tea bushes and smiled.

As we snaked around the hill sides, we could look down on the tea fields, groups of hill-side houses and the many large tea factories, the beating hearts of the region. Some of the factories are over a 100 years old, and they certainly look it in some cases.

After reaching a modern chinese paved road, we turn back and walk the way we came, taking in the sights and sounds.

The rest of the day seemed to fade into history, with us enjoying another delicious breakfast and lunch, and spending time taking in the views and audiobooks/books.

At 5pm we realised we’d soon be feasting, so decided to try and work up an appetite by going for another walk, this time down the valley through the tea fields.