Day 24 – Ho Chi Minh City 🇻🇳

An early start this morning when our bus to take us on our Củ Chi Tunnels day trip arrived much earlier than we expected. Around a 2 hour drive out of Ho Chi Minh, we reached the Củ Chi area. The tunnels are part of an extensive network of underground hide aways which connect many areas of Vietnam. Created and used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam war, these tunnels allowed for hiding and ambush on American soldiers, but also allowed for transportation of food and weapons during the war. The tunnels were so tiny, it’s hard to imagine how people even got down them let alone spent days down there. Limited air supply, as well as biting ants, poisonous scorpions, snakes and rats, lead to disease and death.

Our tour guide showed us examples of the tunnels which had been widened to allow for Western tourists to fit in them. He also showed us traps which were created to capture unsuspecting American troops and how villagers would have cooked underground to avoid smoke being spotted by American planes. Ryan was the first one of our group to try going down one of the tunnel entrances… sadly he came back out again.

We spent the morning seeing the tunnels and then headed back to the city just after lunch.

This evening we went for cocktails, in one of the tallest buildings in the city. The 360 view of Ho Chi Minh was pretty spectacular, so high. We then went for dinner at our favourite Vietnamese pizza place 4P’s… a great end to our city experience in Saigon.