Day 23 – Sinharaja rainforest 🇱🇰

We woke up to the sounds of the valley and jungle; Dog’s barking, eagles screeching, birds chirping, and a whole lot of things we didn’t know.

Ryan got up first to take a look of the valley from the living room, but then went downstairs to capture the panorma below. As with many of the landscapes on our trip a photo just doesn’t do it justice, but where we found ourselves now was a whole different level.

The morning mist laid thick in the valley, emphasising the various dips and peaks. There was something mystical with how the clouds had seemingly dropped from the sky into the valley below, revealing a clear blue sky and multiple hues and tones. With the sun just starting to break through over the mountains behind us, we sat down for breakfast.

Like dinner the night before, Nadintha took breakfast seriously. Table laid, he brought out the tea and coffee, followed by a fruit smoothie and a plate of fresh fruit each. He then pulled out the big guns and laid down coconut roties, an onion sambol, and a basket of toast, butter and jam. Everything was delicious but the onion sambol on the rotis was amazing. Breakfast in the UK would never be the same again.

We asked Nadintha where would be good to walk and he essentionally said left into the tea plantations, or right into the jungle. We decided on right.

Not knowing exactly where we were going, or trying to go, we just took in our surroundings and ventured forth. We followed a dirt road for about 20 mins, passing people’s homes and a variety of tall trees and vegetation. Eventually the path became slimmer and gained in eleveation until we were making our way up the side of the hill.

We eventually reached a collection of large rocks and decided to halt our trek, take in the extensive view of the valley and chat about life’s big (and small) questions. Seeing some wood shavings, we can only assume a local loves to use this spot too. After about 30 minutes, we made our way back down to nest wood.

As we’re in the middle of nowhere, there’s nowhere else to get food, no restaurants or shops for miles,  we weren’t sure if Nandintha would be preparing us lunch or not, but as breakfast had been so filling we knew we wouldn’t need much. At 2pm he came out with purple potatoes and coconut, along with another pot of tea and told us that this lunch was a traditional food mothers would feed their children, and that he’d grown up on it. It was rather like a jacket potato, tasty and different!

We relaxed by the pool for the rest of the day, Ryan reading about Sri Lanka’s history, and Lisa collecting more neighbourhood street dogs (Left to right: Scabs, TittyBats and Misty).

Dinner was again delicious, but sadly not photos as we were too keen to just enjoy it all… although we did see a few biggie millipedes, this one we named Ed.

The menu tonight was three courses, first a curried vegetable soup with croutons (delicious) followed by string hoppers, potato curry, chicken curry, and a variety of vegetable dishes (delicious)  . Followed by the most amazing dessert of banana fritters with chocolate and vanilla ice cream (super delicious). Lisa was very happy about that!