Day 22 – Phu Quoc to Ho Chi Minh City 🇻🇳

Today we waved bye bye to Phu Quoc… and got a flight back over the sea to Ho Chi Minh City. The flight was short, only around an hour, so it wasn’t long before we were at our next hotel. We are staying at a city centre place called Camelia Saigon, which is located in District 1, so right in the middle of all the action.

We expected Ho Chi Minh to be just as busy and crazy as Hanoi, but it seemed much more Westernised and spaced out. Walking around the streets you could be in a European city like Paris or even London, so it felt much more like home. The city however is huge and as you move to the outer districts, life is much more Vietnamese.

After checking in, we did our usual walk around the area to try and get our bearings. The Saigon river runs through the city, so this was a good reference point to know where we were. We had a good stroll along the river side, and saw many of the tall buildings in the city. This evening we found a really nice restaurant called Mountain Retreat which was hidden away down a tiny alley, up 5 flights of stairs high up above the streets. The food was so great, sharing lots of different plates of Vietnamese food.  We really enjoyed our first night in Saigon.