Day 21 – Phu Quoc 🇻🇳

We came to Phu Quoc to relax a bit more and have a few days rest from our busy schedule, so after the crazy day out on the bike we decided to take it easy this morning. We went for a long walk along Ong Lang beach towards the north of the island… it was so hot, so we could only really manage a slow stroll. We walked for around 3 hours in total, the only people we passed were some women drying tiny shrimp out on the sand, but other than that the beach was empty.

For lunch we went to a nearby resort and then went back to Spring Garden for a little rest from the heat. As the sun was setting we went down to the closest beach for a beer on the sand and then a swim as the orange sky disappeared, this was a lovely way to end our last day on the island.


Xian cooked for us once again this evening, some spring rolls to start and a really tasty prawn curry, she shared with us her recipe and tips so we will be making that one when we get home. We also encountered a few of Phu Quoc’s wildlife  in the form of lots of noisy Cicadas flying into the lights, Mr Phong was telling us about how they live for around 10 years underground and then once they fly out they only live for one month…  a big Tokay Gecko (with a very strange bird like call)  eating a smaller lizard and a toad who casually hopped through the restaurant.