Day 20 – Unawatuna πŸ‡±πŸ‡°

We slept really well last night and enjoyed breakfast downstairs on the terrace, watching the boats go out to sea, and also some people paddle boarding, which looked like fun. So much fun we decided we wanted to give it a go.

We decided today would be a beach day. By the time we’d got ready it was nearly midday, which we seem to have made a habit of being outside in the hottest part of the day, so off we went first to book our sunset paddle boarding session. And thenΒ we found a spot and enjoyed a dip in the sea. The heat was pretty much unbearable, there was no shade and no breeze you would normally expect by the water, so we didn’t last too long before lunch.

We decided to try a small bao, noodle and dumpling place, and we loved it. Our bao buns were served in a banana flower pod, and the dumplings (no photo as we ate them all too quickly) were super delicious served with a fresh chilli sauce. After that we hopped next door once more to see our new friend at Love Gelato. Today’s flavours peanut butter, chocolate and salted caramel. DELISH.

We went back to the beach to sit and enjoy our ice cream, today is Poya day, a religious day of celebration which follows the full moon. This end of the beach is home to a temple and there were some celebrations under way. The beach was full of Sri Lankan families out enjoying the water, we hadn’t seen many locals enjoying the beaches, so it was nice to get a glimpse of relaxed family life, as they splashed and laughed with each other. We even saw a family wearing burkas in the sea, it’s quite impressive how in Sri Lanka culture different religions appear to be integrated with each other, with many temples having hindu, buddhist, christian and muslim worship in one place.

We headed back to our place to rest and get ready for our sunset paddle boarding session, Lisa was a little nervous. At 5.15 we were back down on the beach to meet Stevie, our instructor who lives in Cornwall for the half the year and Sri Lanka the rest. He was great and showed us the basics of SUP (stand up (or sit down in Lisa’s case) paddle boarding). The sunset was beautiful and we had a real work out, paddling our way through the waves, some of which were rather big, and trying our best to balance and stand up, as you can see Ryan was better than Lisa at this.

After a shower, we headed off for Dinner at a restaurant recommended by Stevie, The Pink Elephant. We tried out their cocktails, and enjoyed a delicious dinner. This place was great, and after we’d filled up on delicious food we started our usual walk back home along the beach. Legs a little worn out from the paddle boards!