Day 20 – Phu Quoc πŸ‡»πŸ‡³

Day two on Phu Quoc, today we hired a motorbike (eek!). For 150,000 Dong (Β£5.30) we could have the bike for the whole day, so off we went up to the north of the island to explore a little bit more. The roads at first seemed fine, fairly smooth, and not too busy… but as we ventured further north what was a tarmac road turned into a sandy muddy track… this made the journey a bit more tricky!

Along the way we made a couple of stops first at a fishing village, where you can see Cambodia in the distance. Then we made a stop for lunch at a small beach side home, where the lady made us some noodles, we asked for vegetable and they came with squid. This place was really off the beaten track with no tourists just local people going about their daily business. Our aim was to ride the coastal path back down to the south of the island, but the roads got so bad we had to turn around. We made a second stop at another beach side place, and then enjoyed a ride back through the National Park with stunning scenery and many pepper farms. Β The day was mainly sunny, but on our journey we encountered a couple of very heavy rain storms… which made the drive even more interesting, good job we had our stylish ponchos.

This evening we went down to Ong Lang beach to watch the sunset once again. Xian our host offered to cook us dinner this evening, which was pork in a whisky and pepper corn sauce served with potato salad, and some red dragon fruit for dessert. We really enjoyed her cooking and it was good to chat with another couple who were staying at our place.