Day 2 – Colombo 🇱🇰

Our first full day in Colombo began with a filling breakfast in our hotel of fruit, omelette, toast and pancakes. We’d aimed to take it easy, but instead somehow spent the whole day exploring and walking in the heat… like we always seem to do on our first day of holiday.


In the morning, to try and get our bearings we went down to the sea front, I think we were imagining a sort of promenade with cafes and hotels, but instead train tracks run along side the sea, and the road was busy with cars and buses, with a real mix of buildings along the way. We walked to Colombo railway station, and then headed in land to find much needed water.


After heading back to the hotel to cool down, we then headed back out to find lunch. We’re not sure if we just haven’t discovered the right area yet, but it seems like cafes and restaurants are very far apart, so you end up walking a long way to find somewhere. In the end we settled for a sandwich (how British) from the Sri Lankan equivalent of Greggs.

Then we hailed our first tuk tuk to the National Museum, entry cost 1000LKR (£4).  Seeing the history of Sri Lanka from pre-historic to modern day, with lots of beautiful carvings and buddhist statues.  Followed by iced tea in the museums cafe.

Across the road from the museum is Viharamahadevi Park. It was nice to find a bit of open green space in the city, away from traffic. And as the sun was just setting we enjoyed a stroll around seeing the locals in the park, pedalos and wildlife. We tried to flag a tuk tuk back to the hotel, but struggled to communicate where we wanted to go, and out of fear of being scammed we walked back instead (more walking).

After a shower and refresh, we then went out for dinner at a place call Isso. They specialise in Prawn curries, which were tasty and freshly cooked. We also sampled their famous sweet potato fries. Then another stroll back to the hotel to walk off our feast.