Day 19 – Phu Quoc 🇻🇳

Day one on Phu Quoc started with a traditional Vietnamese breakfast of chicken Pho noodles prepared by our hosts. The weather felt hot and humid this morning but the skies were blue, so we set off to discover another stretch of Ong Lang beach which is a 30 minute walk north through the village and out on a sandy/muddy track.

We reached the beach which was a more open stretch of sand than the smaller cove we visited last night. We settled down on some sun loungers and relaxed for a few hours of sun bathing and swimming in the warm waters.

The humidity increased throughout the morning and dark clouds appeared down the coast, we hoped this would pass, but soon after the thunder rumbled and rain came down very fast! We grabbed some shelter under a thatched umbrella, but that didn’t last long in such heavy down pours.

After the storm passed and a bit of lunch we went out again to the beach we visited last night and walked south this time. Here we caught little crabs which were quite funny as they move so fast along the sand and bury themselves in holes to hide from us.  As we walked further from the resorts we found an area where locals were out picnicking and enjoying the sea (and sadly karaoke). Unfortunately we also noticed how dirty and littered this area of the beach was…  it seems like Phu Quoc has developed so quickly that the local people do not have the infrastructure to deal with waste management or recycling (or the attitude/education to). Lots of tourists we spoke to also noted how the island has litter problems, and our hosts told us of their concerns that this is putting off many people from visiting and they hoped things would improve fast. It’s such a shame to see such a beautiful area being taken for granted in this way.

This evening we went for dinner at the highly recommended Mango Bay resort, which was a beautifully romantic setting sitting outside on top of the rocks right next to sea. We really enjoyed our food here whilst listening to the waves and watching the fishing boats out at sea.