Day 17 – Hoi An 🇻🇳

Our last full day here in Hoi An… we’ll be sad to leave as we have felt really at home in Christina’s hotel.

Today we have another cooking class… this time with Dong, the owner of the restaurant we visited a couple of days ago for lunch in Ang Bang Village. We met Dong on our bikes on the main road into Hoi An, we then cycled together to visit the morning market to buy ingredients for our cooking class. This was a really interesting experience, seeing all the older ladies selling all sorts of fresh meat, fish and veg. Being with a local in the market also meant we got to see Vietnamese every day life from a different perspective. We picked up some fresh prawns, a fish, a mango, herbs, turmeric, and also tried a strange apple like fruit, Dong also explained some of the more unusual items for sale.

We then went for coffee Vietnamese style… here coffee is a big deal, most people drink it cold with condensed milk over ice. The place we went to was full of young men all sitting on plastic chairs, enjoying coffee, cigarettes and playing the lotto. We had a go and won 6000 dong! unfortunately not the 10million!. Again being with a local meant that we experienced something a tourist alone probably wouldn’t get to see.

After this we cycled back to Ang Bang Village, taking a detour from the main road along some of the smaller lanes through the village. In this class we cooked Mango Salad, Stir Fried Prawns with garlic and also a Fish with Turmeric. Full of food we headed back to the hotel for a couple of hours rest.

Mid afternoon we cycled back into Hoi An for the second time today, and treated ourselves to some fancy cakes (lots of cylcing = more food) and explored the streets some more. Then as the sun was setting we got back on our bikes and headed to the beach to spend our last night walking along the shore. – The perfect end to our time in Hoi An.