Day 16 – Hoi An 🇻🇳

This morning we had a cooking class with the super friendly hotel chef Duc. On the menu was a Papaya Salad, Vietnamese Crispy Pancakes and a local dish called Cau Lau which is marinated pork served with a special noodle only made in Hoi An. The class was great fun, and lasted until just after lunch time, we were both absolutely full of food after eating 3 main courses each. We’re definitely looking forward to cooking some of the dishes when we get home.

Late afternoon we cycled back into Hoi An, for ice cream and a small dinner of our favourite Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich) and again enjoying the pretty lanterned streets and atmosphere of the Old Quarter.

The land surrounding our hotel is a vegetable village called Tra Que, where there are rice paddies, water buffalo and many allotments with neatly arranged crops of herbs and vegetables. When we got back to the hotel this evening we went for a cycle around some of the smaller lanes and found a water buffalo and her baby calf sitting by the side of the road.