Day 16 – 18 – Hikkaduwa 🇱🇰

We had planned to spend most of our time at the beach in Hikkaduwa, but in the end we felt so relaxed at Dancing Mango that we pretty much stayed in the garden by the pool for the whole three days we spent there. Reading, listening to music, watching the visiting birds and monkeys and playing with their lovely dogs, who they had rescued from strays. Our favourite was a young puppy who had such a playful personality and loved playing tug and chasing Ryan round the garden.

On our second day we went out in the early evening for a walk along the beach before going for dinner. We’d heard that Hikkaduwa was famous for visiting giant sea turtles, and apparently there was a particular spot next to a large hotel (The Cinnamon Hikka Tranz) We’d planned to visit at sunrise as this was supposed to be the best time to spot them, but as we walked along the beach we saw a Sri Lankan man gathering sea weed, and a small group of people in the shallow water. We’d stumbled upon the turtles, we watched in amazement at their size, occasionally their large, friendly heads would pop up to take a breath. The Sri Lankan man offered us sea weed to feed the turtles, but we felt uneasy doing this as had heard they were attracted to tourists feeding them, and didn’t want to contribute to anything that would harm them. So we watched from a short distance as others fed them.

Some Russian tourists were trying to touch the turtles, which is prohibited, mainly as humans can spread disease. The Sri Lankan got very angry at this and started to slap the tourist on the arm, swearing at him and telling him to get out of the water. It was good to see that someone was there to protect them. That evening we had some giant prawns from a near by restaurant and a dhal curry to share.

Our other nights were filled with similar walks along the beach, and cocktails at a bar we found with comfy deckchairs looking out to sea.

On our final night we went for a dinner at a little place called Sorry Mom which was a simple menu of sweet potato fries and either prawns or calamari. We chose the prawns, 10 delicious battered and fried prawns. We loved it and could have eaten more and more. Followed by ice cream!