Day 12 – Ella to Dickwella πŸ‡±πŸ‡°

Another day, another journey on to a new place…and for the first time perhaps, we felt like we could have spent an extra day or two before moving on. This time we were moving down from the hill country to the southern beaches of Dickwella, beginning a tour of 3 separate towns in the south and south west coast.

Our current hosts were taking us down to Dickwella, and once Ryan saw the car, he was both intrigued and scared. Even more so remembering the journey we had to take on the bus the day before.

The bright yellow Tata Nano (pictured below, but not the actual car) was initially designed to be the people’s car of India, a practical and affordable form of transport, safer than a motorbike or TukTuk. Ryan however knew that there were many reports of themΒ catching fire, and a general perception of them being unsafe and lacking quality due to cost cutting… the thing only cost $2500 when it went on sale!

Regardless, we made the journey in one piece, and in good time, our host being a spirited driver who loved third gear… even at 60mph on a straight road (OUR EARS!) and several warning lights including the engine light flashing all the way. He was happy to point out sights on our journey and even stopped to buy us some boiled corn on the cob from a family’s stall on a small road. When finished, threw them out the window into the jungle… although Lisa managed to throw hers into the middle of the road… some how??

Once we arrived at Verse Collective (a cool co-working space/hostel/hotel) and spotted the ocean, we knew we were going to be happy here.

After a bit of lunch we went for a stroll down the beach and we’re surprised at how quiet it was, we were almost the only people on the large stretch of sand.

Sadly though, we also witnessed how the local infrastructure, and locals, dealt with their rubbish and waste… the sea. We can’t judge societies and cultures we know basically nothing about, especially coming from a 1st world country who still commits tons of waste to the ground and sea every year, but it’s still upsetting to see.

We later went out for dinner at near by Hireketiya, which is a small cove just around the bay. Slightly more developed than Dikwella, even though much smaller in size. There was a lovely atmosphere as the sun was setting and surfers and swimmers were enjoying the last light. We sat a bar on the sand and had a drink, before heading to a restaurant we’d walked past for a small dinner. All was going well with the friendly waiter who seemed to be very interested in getting to know us, he asked if he could add us on facebook, for some reason we agreed even though we don’t really use facebook, he then seemed keen we should go meet his family. Not sure what to do next, we deleted his request and updated our privacy settings on facebook, it could have been completely innocent but we didn’t want to risk it. Shame as we liked the food and would have definitely returned the next night.