Day 10 – Hanoi 🇻🇳

Our second day in crazy Hanoi. This morning we went to find the Temple of Literature, which was an interesting place dedicated to ancient scholars, we thought this might be a nice respite from the chaos of the streets, but the place was really busy full of young Vietnamese graduates, all looking very beautiful in their graduation gowns. That and lots of tourists…

After that we went to see a traditional Hanoi Water Puppet Theatre performance. We managed get the last couple of tickets remaining on that day, they were on the back row but we could see everything. The show was really unusual and entertaining with traditional live music as all of the wooden puppets danced and swam through the water. Think of it as a more elegant Punch and Judy.

The weather was much warmer today, so we went on a search for ice cream, and after walking down a random side street we found a little cafe. Strangely a couple from Australia, who had been on our flight from Bangkok to Laos and who stayed in the same hotel as us in Vientiane over two weeks ago were in there. None of us could quite believe the chances and we couldn’t stop laughing at bumping into each other in such a big place, so we sat with them and chatted more about our plans.

On the evening we went to a Vietnamese restaurant called Home, which was super nice with a great setting, great service and great food. We then tried out our first Bia Hoi, which is a tradition in Hanoi. It’s a really cheap draught beer which you order by putting your arm in the air, as soon as your glass is less than half full another appears. We had 3 beers for 61p!