Day 1 – Bangkok

We arrived in Bangkok last night, the city is massive, far far bigger than we both had imagined. Our taxi driver from the airport didn’t really know where we were going so ended up dropping us off in the general area of the hotel, so we when arrived in the dark we felt a bit lost. Luckily we found our place J No. 14 eventually which was a massive relief, the heavy bags, heat and tiredness had really got to us.

The airbnb was really cool, an old converted warehouse style building with about a million plants inside, and lots of old antique accessories. After dumping our bags we headed out to try and find some food, it was quite late and most places had closed, so we ended up buying some strange brioche bread and watermelon for dinner from a super market – Welcome to Bangkok.

In the morning we got a train to Siam shopping district so Ryan could buy a hat (which he lost a day later!) and some trousers so we could go to a temple respectfully dressed. The heat in the city was a bit of a shock, so we were craving a cold drink, we stopped off at a cafe called Three Bears, and ordered iced tea. One of things people kept saying to us before we travelled was “don’t drink the water, and don’t have ice in your drinks” we had ordered the dreaded without even thinking about it, but turns out we didn’t get sick, it was absolutely fine.

We wanted to visit the Golden Palace, after walking in the general direction, we jumped on a tuk tuk.. and visited a couple of other temples.. then back to our hotel. On the evening we went for dinner at a restaurant by the river called The Never Ending Summer, which was pretty posh for Bangkok, a really cool place and nice food.